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SOLVER POLYIMIDE founded in 2010 November, is a professional and high-tech manufacturer of POLYIMIDE (PI) and its products with the name ?GOLDEN PLASTIC?. The designed annual production capacity of the monomer and polyimide resin produced by SOLVER POLYIMIDE with independent intellectual property rights is 500 tons. It is the first domestic manufacturing enterprise that realizes the polyimide industrialization. Including thermoplastic polyimide and thermosetting polyimide, our product variety is complete. At present our main products are: 1. Thermoplastic Polyimide Thermoplastic Polyimide Particle Thermoplastic Polyimide Moulding Powder Thermoplastic Polyimide Liquid Thermoplastic Polyimide Profile Thermoplastic Polyimide Adhesive 2. Thermosetting Polyimide Thermosetting Polyimide Powder Thermosetting Polyimide Liquid Thermosetting Polyimide Composite Thermosetting Polyimide Profile SOLVER POLYIMIDE resin has the same quality as equivalents products: Dupont polyimide resin, Aurum polyimide, Dupont Vespel, P84 Polyimide Binding resin P84 NT polyimide powder, Mitsui aurum polyimide, Matrimid 5218 soluble polyimide, SP-21 and other products. Please contact SOLVER POLYIMIDE for any inquiry.
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Thermoplastic Polyimide ;Thermosetting Polyimide ;Thermoplastic Polyimide Moulding Powder ;Thermoplastic Polyimide Particle ;Thermoplastic Soluble Polyimide Powder ;Thermoplastic Polyimide Liquid; Dupont polyimide resin, Aurum polyimide; Dupont Vespel; P84 Polyimide Binding resin; P84 NT polyimide powder; Mitsui aurum polyimide; Matrimid 5218 soluble polyimide; SP-21; Polyimide Resin; Polyimide P84; AURUM; Matrimid 5218; Dupont Vespel; Polyimide powder P84NT
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